The LiBER solution has the unique characteristic of sharing the basic project, the components, and the production process among different final products even very different from each other. This approach makes the LiBER solution competitive for production volumes between 10 and 100MW/year, thanks to a production process that combines manual and automatic assembly in the best possible way. Higher volumes can be managed with high-capacity automatic lines.

brick design & brick manufacturing process
LiBER brick
LiBER laser welding

Use of the same process for multiple products

Use of the same product for many final applications

Robotized assembly

Integration simplicity

Safe working environment

Medium to large production volumes

Quality of the integration

Module design and module assembly process
LiBER stack

Use of the same process for multiple products

Specialization of the product for the final applications

Manual assisted assembly


Safe working environment

Small to medium production volumes

Pilot line

LIBER has a prototyping workshop and a pilot production line having a production capacity up to 10MWh/year, located in Bologna-ITALY.

qualified process

combination of robotized and manual operations for the assembling the brick

manual operations for assembling the modules

delta robot for cell pick and place
laser welding station

Cylindrical cells qualification stations

Prismatic cells qualification and equalization station

automatic cylindrical cell tracking and handling

laser welding station

Brick qualification station

Manual module assembly station

Module qualification station

Robotized line

LIBER has designed a robotized line for the assembling of brick based on the same core processes of the pilot line, which is able to reach a production volume of 80MWh/year.

qualified process

automatic assembling of the brick

Cylindrical cells qualification stations

Automatic cylindrical cell tracking and handling

Automated laser welding station

Automated brick qualification station

Robotized handling of parts and brick

Automatic brick formation